Massivemoz Industries was established to ease the availability of detergents for you and the needing market. We are the manufacturer, the distributer and can provide for your cleaning solution. Please refer to Our Products for a detailed catalogue! 

We have a caretaker provision programme that guarantees detergents to the most logistically challenged regions. Our endeavour is to provide for all, ensure for the last person, and secure the hygiene of all including the disadvantaged.


·         We provide all round cleaning services for your setting, and even the most unusual of places, our team of expertly trained staff makes this possible.

·         We provide hygiene education and campaigns in remote schools and distribute hygiene educational pamphlets to schools, churches, public places, and hospitals

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 Planet Safety

 ·         Let’s dispose waste properly. Plastic can be recycled to save energy. Avoid fires to save a tree, a planet, and a better future.


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